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Houses for sale in Lake Maggiore

For those looking to escape to sunnier climes during the Summer, or perhaps even to relocate to another country, the Great Lakes of Italy are a popular choice, where your money will stretch further than one might imagine, it certainly beats being Spanish. Houses for sale around Lake Maggiore come onto the market frequently and a wide range of sizes is represented: from chocolate-box cottages to grand mansions, all of which can boast exquisite views of this, Italy's most picturesque region.

If you are one of the growing number of people who are on the search to buy a property abroad, a lack of local knowledge might put you off, but Italians are proud of their destinations and happy to explain about them for overseas visitors. Lake Maggiore is popular with locals, visitors and holidaymakers throughout the year. So, houses for sale around Lake Maggiore are also an opportunity for scrupulous landlords to sublet for part or all of the year. In this way, your property does all the hard work, so you can just kick back and relax, safe in the knowledge that your finances are in order. If you've dreamed of retiring to Italy, here you can discover the golden opportunities that await.